Fall/Winter Style Trends


At Paris Fashion Week 2018 designers such as Chanel and Y/Project set and solidified the trends for this fall and winter. Many practical versions of these trends are being reflected at Pioneer High School.  

Ugg boots gained popularity in the early 2000s, but in recent years wearers have been subjected to being stereotyped as basic, leading the brand to become less popular. To combat this Ugg partnered with Y/Project and brought new life to the shoe introducing slouchy thigh-high ugg boots supported by stilettos during their 2018 fall show. This display revived the Ugg trend and many Pioneer students are participating. Throughout the halls, this trend has exploded leaving it impossible to make it through passing time without spying a pair.

Plaid has always been a fall staple and this year is no exception. Over the summer the color yellow was by far the most prominent. Christian Dior, Balenciaga, and Versace carried this trend into fall with their clueless-esque yellow plaids flooding the runways. Pioneer students, male and female, have taken to this trend and they’re seen in the halls every day.

Oversized outerwear swarmed the fashion week runways. They featured bright coats and even jackets resembling comforters. Pioneer students have adopted this trend in numerous forms. Students can be seen wearing anything from extra large sweatshirts to huge puffer jackets.

The other outerwear trend prominently featured in fashion week was fur coats. Students have adopted the cruelty-free version of this trend in the form of fluffy jackets and teddy bear coats. Not only do they keep students warm during the heating malfunctions Pioneer frequently experiences, but they’re also reminiscent of designer clothing.

Sweaters are a winter favorite and 2017 experienced a surge in the ugly sweater trend. This year designers such as Erdem and Preen favored argyle (diamond patterned) sweaters often referred to as grandpa sweaters. These 2018 takes on the ugly sweater can be seen on the high fashion runway as well as Pioneer.

Women’s suits are also making a comeback this season. Layering tailored suit jackets over casual clothing allows professional pieces to be worn at school without appearing overdressed. Though scarce, many students can be seen incorporating this trend in their everyday schoolwear.