People of Pioneer: Naomi Veidlinger

“I am on the student council at Pioneer, working with the Philanthropy group. It’s really fun, and we help plan events such as the Principal’s cup. I also run cross-country here, and we did really well. Last year we got 2nd at states, but this year it was different with Anne [Forsythe] being injured. I’m probably going to do cross-country next year, too. We’re still going to be pretty good because some of the freshmen are pretty fast. I also coach Girls on the Run at Wines; it’s a really cool experience for the girls because the program teaches them character building and confidence. This year I’m taking Spanish, Gov, Precalc, AP Chem, and AP English 11. AP Chem is a really hard class, but it’s really fun as well. I want to go into science when I grow up.”