People of Pioneer: Caleb Brachman Shoup


“Music is a big part of my life, I consider myself an aficionado. My music influence comes first from my Dad, he has a big collection of CDs and records. I listen to old stuff like Punk Rock and New Wave. Of course I also listen to Rap, as my generation tends to. I started with mainstream stuff but as I matured my music did as well. Nowadays I listen to more obscure rap like ILoveMakonnen, $uicideboy$, Cold Hart, Lil Tracy, oh and for sure Lil Peep. I don’t just listen to sad rap, I also like artist like Shortline Mafia, Kodak, oh and Speaker Knockerz. You can’t put my music taste in a box. I listen to bangers, bangers only. I listen to music to help me reflect my mood. Overall music is just pretty dope. There’s so much out there, anyone can find some music to enjoy and relate to. Oh,also go check out my music insta @soundsbyshoup for some good music… and F*** Russ.”