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Photo Story: Culture Day returns to Pioneer
Photo Story: Culture Day returns to Pioneer
Pioneer Optimist Staff

Private security service Edmondson will patrol Pioneer for the next few weeks.
Private security guards to patrol Pioneer temporarily
Aaron J. Puno, Staff Writer

Private security guards will be patrolling Pioneer for the next few weeks, according...

Police respond to Pioneer over parent conflict as rumors sweep student body
Police respond to Pioneer over parent conflict as rumors sweep student body
Aaron J. Puno, Staff Writer

The Ann Arbor Police Department responded to Pioneer High School on Wednesday, March...

The Ann Arbor Board of Education posts its own mandatory masking signs in the Sheraton Hotel meeting room because the hotel does not have a mandatory masking policy.
Sheraton showdown: School board delays meeting over parent refusal to mask
Aaron J. Puno, Staff Writer

UPDATE - This article has been updated on Feb. 25 for corrections. Wednesday’s...

Students lament the loss of snow days
Students lament the loss of snow days
Caroline Robinson, Assistant News Editor

The first week of February brought the potential for something that Ann Arbor Public...

The Equal Opportunity Schools survey, a mandatory questionnaire for all Pioneer staff and students, is aimed at collecting information about the Advanced Placement program.
Pioneer staff and students take the Equal Opportunity School survey
Solomon Bernstein, Opinion Editor

On Tuesday, Jan 25, students and staff of Pioneer took the Equal Opportunity Schools...

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2022 Optimist Senior Survey Results
Optimist Staff

To view all the data compiled in the 2022 Senior Survey, click the link below then click "responses" at the top of the page that appears:

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A study by Independent Institute, a public policy research and educational organization, estimated that the rape rate would decrease by roughly 25%, a decrease of approximately 25,000 rapes per year, if prostitution were to be made legal (Image is free use from
Legalizing prostitution could benefit our communities
Marisa Jordan Galarza, Guest Writer

Prostitution is a taboo subject so unspoken that most people wouldn’t blink an eye if they were told...

Image is free use via
Why Off-Year Elections Matter
Solomon Bernstein, Opinion Editor

In contrast to the presidential election of 2020 that exhibited 161 million Americans, elections in local...

Should society shut down again with the Omicron variant?
Should society shut down again with the Omicron variant?
Solomon Bernstein, Opinion Editor

It’s been 23 months since the U.S. first began shutting down due to the Coronavirus pandemic and during...

Only a few weeks into the year, all water fountain cups had been used up, and took over a month to get refilled. In order to compensate for this problem, the administration implemented a sensible solution: handing out free water bottles.
The district does something right
Ari Jacob and Solomon Bernstein

At the beginning of the school year, Pioneer High School covered the drinking fountains due to Coronavirus...

Superintendent Swift announced the closure of schools next week on Nov. 17 in an evening email sent to parents.
Shutting down early for Thanksgiving Break: A poor decision
Solomon Bernstein, Opinion Editor

Less than one week before Thanksgiving Break was set to begin, superintendent Jeanice Swift sent out...

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Tom Cruise has returned to play Pete Mitchell in Top Gun: Maverick, coming out this May (Image is free use from Wikimedia Commons).
Five movies to look forward to this summer
E.V. Bowden-Dykehouse, Staff Writer

With summer fast approaching, some students will be looking at a lot of free time...

Pioneer senior Charlie Duke won the 2022 Future Stars event with his performance of Your Man by Josh Turner (Image courtesy of PTG, all images taken by Susana Pecina).
PTG's FutureStars spotlights astounding performances after changes in venue
Clare Hong, Editor in Chief

The Pioneer Theatre Guild showcased its annual FutureStars at the Power Center...

Euphoria, a teenage-centered drama series, is currently streaming on HBO Max (image is free use via
The problems with "Euphoria", the newest breakout teen series
Lulu Zhang, Editor in Chief

“Euphoria”, an HBO original TV series written by Sam Levinson, has taken the...

PTG students work on the set of Romeo and Juliet.
Theater Guild takes on 'Romeo and Juliet' despite theater shutdowns and COVID restrictions
Rachel Lewis, Entertainment Editor

The Pioneer Theater Guild is preparing for a production of "Romeo and Juliet," premiering...

The All-State ensembles this year included four principal chairs and concertmaster from Pioneer (Image courtesy of Ashley Kou).
Pioneer boasts 22 student musicians at the annual All-State performance including the state's concertmaster
Dhivya Bala, Regular Contributor

On Jan. 29, Pioneer’s band and orchestra members performed with the All-State orchestra,...

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Baseball has returned in its entirety. The question now is: what teams and players will do well this year? Thats what were here to answer.
Predictions for the 2022 MLB season
Solomon Bernstein, Opinion Editor

The National Pastime underwent a long and difficult process during the 2021-2022 offseason, with animosity and disagreements frustrating fans, players,...

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