Is vaping as bad as smoking? Pro

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“The biggest thing is teens believe [vapes] are better than cigarettes,” says Pioneer’s nurse Lauren Huissen, “Its still nicotine and it’s usually a very quick hit.” Teens are drawn to e-cigarettes much more than regular cigarettes because of the captivating flavors companies are now supplying. With flavors ranging from desserts to fruits, to even breakfast flavors, it would be hard not to see why they are so popular among teens.

While it is not a good idea to pick up a cigarette instead, teenagers are much more aware of the dangers they pose and are more likely to stay away from them. The Surgeon General states that “Some studies show that non-smoking youth who use e-cigarettes are more likely to try conventional cigarettes in the future than non-smoking youth who do not use “Teens don’t understand the consequences,” says Pioneer Junior, Lisa Brinkel, “Vaping is an issue”. The use of e-cigarettes, JUULS, and other electronic vaping products has been on the rise among teens today. Many young adults have misconceptions about what vaping actually does to your body. According to the Surgeon General, “Nearly 20% of young adults believe e-cigarettes cause no harm.” While vaping may benefit those trying to kick the habit of smoking cigarettes, they are indeed a problem among teenagers, more than cigarettes.

e-cigarettes.” Brinkel says that teens are simply unaware of the harm that vaping can cause and have many misconceptions about it. “They think it’s not as bad as smoking.”

The biggest issue with vaping among teens is that it starts the cycle of nicotine addiction. Until age 25 the brain is still developing, each time someone completes an action a new connection between the mind is formed. In youth, it’s much easier to build these connections which is why teens are much more likely to develop an addiction than adults who vape. Brinkel agrees, stating that, “When you’re vaping to ‘calm your nerves’ you’re already addicted.”

The bottom line, “There’s still nicotine which is addictive,” says Huissen. While cigarette alternatives may be better for those who are working to overcome addiction, vaping certainly has an adverse effect on teenagers and tobacco use.