Fall means spooky viewing for the season

'Netflix & Chills' set the mood for fear


With Halloween coming up and temperatures dropping, students are looking for ways to celebrate the spooky season while staying warm.

“Netflix & Chills” by Netflix might be what they are looking for.

Some students look forward to this annual celebration by Netflix, including Pioneer sophomore Felicia Stewart. “I enjoy watching horror movies, I’m excited for the Netflix Originals as well as the newer horror movies that are going to be added”, she said.

“Netflix & Chills” is an annual celebration of Halloween created by Netflix. During this time they release tons of Netflix Originals, as well as update their library with newer horror movies. They plan on starting Oct. 1 with “The Shining,” and ending on Oct. 26 with the “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.” These Originals consist of movies and shows.

Earth Science teacher Mr. Bernardin didn’t know what “Netflix & Chills” was but after recently seeing “A Quiet Place” he’s intrigued by horror movies now. Of the Netflix & Chills holiday event, Bernardin said, “It sounds very interesting, I look forward to it.”

Freshman Alexis Clark said she loves horror movies and is happy Netflix does this every year. “It’s really cool. I’m excited to be able to binge watch scary shows and movies,” she said.

Netflix plans on their Original “1922” being one of the more successful movies during this time. It is based off of Stephan King’s novel and is about a farmer who admits to killing his wife, but that’s just the beginning of the story.

Netflix is a paid online streaming service for T.V. shows and movies.