Earbuds and productive students

Most students agree that music actually helps them concentrate

Recently in Pioneer High School’s history, a new rule has been introduced requiring that all earbuds be removed from students’ ears throughout the entire school day. This is a crime against productive students everywhere.

    Some teachers say that earbuds are distracting and place a student’s attention on their song instead of their work. But most students agree that music actually helps them concentrate. For me, once I find my groove, it empowers me to complete my work with ease, and improves my focus. In fact listening to music prior to studying increases memory and attention by increasing stimulation and positive moods, according to a 2010 study from the School of Psychology at the University of Wales Institute Cardiff.

         In 2011, McGill University in Canada conducted a study on 217 individuals which found that dopamine was released while listening to music in any environment, showing that it helps people feel good.

    Not only do earbuds help students focus, but they also help students emotionally. If students are having a bad day, music can really help them feel better, and it can really brighten their spirits for a while. It helps them move through the day more smoothly. Music is kind of made to help people feel good.

    However, teachers are right about a few things, including that students listen to music too much. Music can help tremendously with a student’s work, but only at the right time. Obviously, students shouldn’t listen to music through earbuds

while a teacher is giving a lecture, only when the teacher allows their students to do so.

    Teachers also say that there should be no earbuds on a test, with which I agree. Students can easily cheat by saying they are listening to music, but really they are texting friends to give them the answers to the test. This is another reason why teachers dislike phones and earbuds in general.

    Teachers and staff at Pioneer also fear that students who listen to music through earbuds aren’t able to listen if there is a fire or severe weather drill. But students can easily see the students around them and understand what might be going on. And not to mention, the fire alarms in schools are made with flashing lights in order to catch students’ eyes, too.

    The principal at Pioneer High School has banned the usage of earbuds in the school completely, which is a terrible decision. It is unfair to the students who responsibly complete their work while wearing earbuds, and to the teachers who respect and trust their students enough to allow them to wear earbuds. Teachers should be treated as professionals capable of handling their jobs and their own rules.

    I’m not saying that the rule needs to be completely rescinded, but in moderation, earbuds have proven to be academically and emotionally helpful to students. Perhaps different rules could be implemented to help students be the most productive version of themselves. For example, no earbuds during tests, quizzes, or lectures, but they could be allowed at any other point that a teacher says is allowed, with adequate consequences for breaking these rules.

     While this won’t be the final rule schools implement, I suggest that Pioneer take a closer look at their earbuds policy and make any needed changes to ensure that students can work efficiently, and continue to avoid committing crimes against our lovely society.