Venom: The ultimate review


    Despite the bad reception from critics, 2018’s Venom is a truly fun, whacky movie, that is definitely worth the time and money.

    Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brock, an aspiring video journalist, who discovers that a privately funded corporate organization is conducting deadly experiments on humans. After losing his Job and his fiancé, Brock goes to investigate, only to become host to an alien symbiote.

    The greatest part about Venom (2018) is definitely Hardy’s character and his relationship to the symbiote. They have a relationship that develops over the course of the film, like a pair of siblings. Venom being a pushy older brother, Brock being a weaker more easily frightened younger brother.

    The film clearly isn’t trying to take itself as seriously as the previous 2 films in the Sony Spider-Man Timeline, The Amazing Spider-man and The Amazing Spider-man 2. The Major downfall for both of those films was by far the lack of real humor or wackiness amidst a weak plot. Venom certainly does have a very thin plot, and it’s honestly nothing new or special in the realm of film-making, so if you were expecting a new The Dark Knight (2008), then this isn’t the film for you.

    What makes it different from the past two flops was that Venom (2018) has a very wacky sense of itself, it’s not trying to imitate the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as closely anymore, or at least not that viewers can tell. It instead takes it’s thin plot and adds a sense of humor and fun to it.

    Regardless of Sony’s future plans for their Spider-Man universe, Venom (2018) is a hit for people who don’t mind the ridiculousness of superhero movies and are willing to look at the film with neutrality. While the film isn’t anything special, at its heart the film is a collage of exciting and humorous scenes wrapped in a very thin layer of plot, designed to please viewers who aren’t looking for a masterpiece.