Stay Healthy this Flu Season


According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, children are exposed to millions of pathogens every day. Taking into account school restrooms, classrooms, desks, and the cafeteria, we would expect these numbers to greatly increase. Most kids in the United States will develop the flu or a cold about eight times per school year. However one can avoid illness by using a few quite simple strategies.

Lauren Huissen, the school nurse at Pioneer High School, gives the following strategies to decrease one’s chance of catching a cold or the flu this winter. “First of all, the most important and simplistic thing to do is washing your hands, it helps stop the spread of germs,” Huissen states. Many may students disregard this, yet it is one of the most vital methods for fighting bacteria students may pick up during school.

Huissen expands on how one can stop the spread of germs and stay healthy this winter. “It’s also getting enough sleep, eating right, and drinking enough water, and keeping yourself healthy in that way,” Hussein states. “ If you can keep healthy in this way if you were to catch a bug, your body and immune system will be able to fight off the virus and protect you.”

Huissen details one of the biggest mistakes students make that spread bacteria and viruses. “ I know it’s a push to come to school, but if you are feeling sick or have come down with something, it is important to stay home so you are not spreading your germs to other students or throughout the school.”