Alternatives to Orthodox Pets

Alternatives to Orthodox Pets

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who’s immune to the magic of a kitten or puppy. Being such cute, cuddly creatures, we all can’t help but swoon at their beauty and aesthetics. However, they do have particularly destructive personalities, and on top of that many people are allergic to one or the other. Whether you’re in one of the previously mentioned categories or are simply one of the outliers among us who like their pets a little more on the wild side, let’s examine some tried and true alternative critters for your consideration. For this list, we’ll be focusing on animals you can obtain without a permit.


Ferrets are intelligent and playful companions, sure to amuse and amaze. Ferrets are often miscategorized as rodents, while they in fact belong to the mustelid family and have been domesticated for thousands of years. This particular animal requires a great deal of interaction with their owners in order to achieve a bond, but once established, they’ll love you unconditionally.


Chinchillas are a more lowkey option, being shy, quiet,  and low maintenance creatures. They are clean and odorless, and appreciate a gentle touch rather than being forcefully squeezed (which is hard to resist, considering their unparalleled cuteness) Due to their personality type, chinchillas are usually recommended for older children and adults.


Bearded Dragon

These miniature lizards have been growing in popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to understand why. They have laid-back personalities, and are quite easy to take care of. These reptiles also love affection and enjoy being handled. One important note is that they can react negatively to dirt or chemicals, so be sure to wash your hands before handling them.


Parakeets are extremely cheerful and don’t require much care, both of which make them perfect household pets. They’re also inexpensive, if money is a factor for you. They can learn up to 100 words. But, if you’re easily irritated, is that they can sometimes get quite loud. Nonetheless, they love to interact with their owners and are amazing to watch.


This pet wouldn’t fall under the “cute and cuddly” category, at least, not by most of our definitions. However, they are exquisitely unique. Pros include that they’re simple to take care of, make no noise, and are pretty docile. Many people enjoy free-handling them, though experts warn against it due to the risk of injuring the critter.


Rounding out our list is this playful friend. Hedgehogs love to play, and you can train them with positive reinforcement. They make very little noise, and are absent of dander, which makes them a favorite of people allergic to cats or dogs. Be sure to take them to a vet at least once a year.