Students say biding time during COVID has both pros and cons


Pioneer junior Shailen Chugh uses his computer to both complete online schooling and stay in touch with friends during the COVID stay-at-home order.

With COVID-19 causing Pioneer and other schools nationwide to shut down for the year students have been forced to change their lifestyles to a new reality. This new reality has led to students biding their time in different ways, from lifting and relaxing, to Zoom and FaceTiming, and, of course, sleeping.

“Slow” and “Repetitive” are the words Pioneer Juniors Shailen Chugh and Bianca Imeraj used to describe their daily lives in their post COVID-19 outbreak lives. The world is seemingly shut down and will seemingly continue to be so for a while longer. All is not lost though, as this extended time at home has afforded some Pioneer students to take time to do things like spend time on their interests outside of the classroom. For Chugh this means, “A lot more time playing piano,” he said, while for Imeraj it means more time drawing. Pioneer Sophomore Matt Ruud has taken time to improve his physical and mental health by “running and lifting everyday,” as well as getting “a lot more sleep and having time to relax.”

Ruud isn’t the only one using this time to focus more on their health, as both Chugh and Imeraj have also taken more time to focus on their health. “I have been trying to walk and run more now that I have more time,” said Chugh

Imeraj is focusing on staying healthy, too.  “I’m spending more time on self care than before,” she said. 

This focus on health also includes getting more and more sleep. “I’ve been getting nine to 10 hours of sleep on average,” said Imeraj, adding that it is “way more” then she said she had been getting before the pandemic began.

This coronavirus also has not stopped students from spending time with those they care about. For example Chugh says that through social media and apps like Zoom, Houseparty, and FaceTime he hasn’t lost touch with friends. “I have been keeping in great contact with my friends,” he said Chugh. 

Imeraj has also been using FaceTime and social media to stay connected. “Daily screen time has drastically increased,” she said. Ruud, too, said he has been keeping in touch by doing things like playing Xbox with his friends.

Quarantine has also allowed students to take some time to take a break from the stressors of life, and while quarantine may be boring, it is much less stressful for some. lPioneer sophomore Matt Ruud has found it downright relaxin. “I haven’t really been stressed out about anything lately,” he said.

It hasn’t been all good times, though, as school being canceled has come with negatives as well. Some students even miss going to school.  “I really miss being able to talk to people whenever I want,” said Chugh. “It’s getting to the point where I’m beginning to forget that certain people exist, and it’s making me sad.” 

Chugh is not alone in this sentiment as Imeraj said she has found she, too, misses some aspects of in-person school. “I miss being able to see my friends and favorite teachers in person everyday,” she said.

Despite this time away from school due to coronavirus, Chugh says there is a silver lining to the stay-at-home order. “I think I have become more productive,” he said.