People of Pioneer: Kaitlyn Fa


Kaitlyn Fa is a senior enrolled at Pioneer.

“I’ve been described as light-hearted but simultaneously hard-working. I used to feel more in tune with the second half of that description. I often let myself get a little too serious and detail oriented. I never really understood the first part until a certain day Junior year. I was in Sean Sabo’s class, and we did this Valentine’s Day activity where we described each other’s favorite traits. I had always worked really hard to get a good grade in that class, but, to my surprise, Sean described me as light-hearted. That allowed me to step back and realize how other people see me. I took that and learned to not take things too seriously, especially during quarantine. I like to go on walks, watch movies, hang out with my cats, and discuss art with my friends from Finer Things. Everything is so stressful in these times, and it’s even tough to admit that sometimes because it feels so overused. It is important to make plans to do fun things that are very removed from any stressors. Watch movies with your friends, get involved in clubs and organizations, even just play Minecraft (something I’ve been doing a lot of recently). Before quarantine, I did everything by the deadline. But as of now, I’ve had an assignment that has been due for over a month. And you know what? That is completely ok.”