People of Pioneer: Oliver Schramm


Oliver Schramm is a senior currently enrolled at Pioneer.

“Sports have been one of my main interests since elementary school. My dad would always be watching sports, and I attended Saint Louis Cardinals games with him. Going to the games, seeing sports in the newspaper, and playing baseball really just engrossed me in the world of sports. As I got older, tendonitis made my baseball playing days more difficult. I stopped playing in eighth grade, tried football a year after, and eventually landed on lacrosse. I love the sport, but I also found other endeavors within the world of sports. Hockey commentating with Arbor broadcasting has really been one of the more formative experiences in the past couple years for me. A couple friends and I started a sports podcast as well. These activities helped me put myself out there and be introduced into a passion for media. Sports also taught me the importance of community and has certainly made me more conversational. I’ll always wear a sports hat at work and it helps me engage with people that I just met. Most importantly, I think sports have this way of heavily appealing to emotion and sticking with you. When my grandpa was in the hospital with Alzeihmer’s, the one thing we could always talk about was the Saint Louis Cardinals. The fact that you might not be able to remember the face you’re seeing right in front of you, but you remember the score from yesterday really shows the impact that the world of sports can have. Despite what hat or jersey I’m wearing, I’m a sports fan first. I’m willing to talk to anyone about anything… even if it’s the Detroit Lions.”