Pioneer’s IMPACT Magazine wins first place national ranking award


Pioneer’s literary art magazine IMPACT, published online after the COVID-19 pandemic, has been awarded a first place national ranking by the American Scholastic Association amongst other magazines throughout the country.

IMPACT, a student led literary arts magazine, allows for students to submit their works of the literary, visual, and performing arts. IMPACT’s editors include Clare Hong, Billie Hoffmann, Shalien Chugh, Quentin Brydon, Hillary Poudeu Tchokothe, Ananyaa Asthana, Kaitlyn Fa, Ananya Datla, and Tiffany Li.

In a letter to applying schools on the American Scholastic Association website, Dr. Richard M. Plass, a Chairman on the Judging Committee, said the contest was presented as a way for the association to provide advice on page design, story layout, graphics, headlining, cover design, advertising placement, photography and a variety of other useful items. Plass states in his letter that “the quality of a school’s publications and how they present themselves to their reading community is a guidepost to the quality of the publishing school.” 

The contest scores applicants by points, and awards a first, second, and third place out of all the candidates. Pioneer’s IMPACT was awarded first place for its first edition.

“We wouldn’t have been able to win the award without everyone who submitted to the magazine,” said Editor-in-Chief and Founder, Clare Hong. Fellow editor, Shalien Chugh, echoed this.

“Every time we review submissions, I am amazed by the amount of effort and thought student artists put into their work.” 

IMPACT editors stress their gratitude in the quality of the submissions they received. Editor Bille Hoffman says she believes IMPACT separates itself from the other contenders due to the sheer number of contributors.

“I’m proud of the engagement we were able to inspire,” she said.

Chugh adds to this sentiment. “There is so much talent at Pioneer, and I’m happy that IMPACT gives students an opportunity to be recognized for their hard work,” he said.

Jessie Hieber, Pioneer teacher and IMPACT’s staff advisor, touches on the skillful leadership of the IMPACT editors.

“The student editors for IMPACT Literary Arts Magazine are an exceptional group with an array of skills and talents,” she said.

Visitors of IMPACT’s website have the pleasure of observing the many different kinds of work submitted by students, from short stories, poetry, paintings, photography, and more. Hieber hopes that visitors can “reflect on the student works, both literary and visual, and on their own reactions to the art.”

Hong shares a similar hope. “I hope those who come across our magazine can realize how much creativity and passion flows through Pioneer,” she said. “These are artists and writers, whether aspiring or hobbyists, who took the time to produce their works.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, IMPACT was unable to publish its print edition in 2020 and was moved to online only.

Although our hopes of publishing the first edition in print were squandered by the virus, the backup route of using a website enabled us to extend the deadline for submissions, since all it would take were a couple clicks to upload a work,” said Hong.

Hoffmann shares that the pandemic has changed many IMPACT processes.

“We have had to change many of the ways that we fundraise and increase awareness for our magazine as well as the process for recruiting new editors,” she said. “However, safety is our priority and we are glad that we are still able to function and provide for the community in this way.”

Even while handling challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic, IMPACT staff and contributors continue to provide an exceptional magazine to the community.

 IMPACT’s 2021 spring edition will be published in late May on their website this year as well due to the pandemic.