People of Pioneer: Xander Saltiz


Xander is a junior at Pioneer. 

“This has been an unforgettable year that has changed all of us. Having read my peer’s perspectives, I think that we would all agree with that statement. You may find that I’m not the callous a–––––– you once thought I was. With that in mind, we should all be open to rediscovering each other and making new friends with familiar people when we see each other again. We don’t know one another like we once did. When I’m not practicing music or doing schoolwork, I like to play video games with my friends on Discord, go on bike rides, take walks (with and without my two German Shepherds), and play chess. I’m also learning Dutch with the hope of spending an extended period of time in the Netherlands. During lockdown, I discovered my interest in public speaking and argument, as I recently joined debate club and absolutely loved the season (shoutout to my man Ohn!). Chess club is also a recent addition to my life, and let me just say that getting your butt kicked can be pretty fun. On another note, music has been slow, which has been a real downer. I honestly cannot wait to get back to performing and practicing with real people in-person. Let’s get through this year alive and come back with more enthusiasm than ever before!”