“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”: A fresh addition to the Marvel universe


“Shang-Chi has some of the most exciting action scenes that Marvel has had in a long time, and it’s more than just people throwing punches at each other.”

“Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings”, the latest installment in the Marvel cinematic franchise, has captivated audiences worldwide with its well-written characters and riveting storyline, and even brings something brand new to the MCU that hasn’t been done before.

The film revolves around Shang-Chi (Simu Liu), an ex-assassin on the run from his father Wenwu (Tony Leung Chiu-Wai), the leader of a group of skilled assassins called the Ten Rings. The organization is named after the rings Wenwu owns that grant him great power and immortality. While on the run, Shang-Chi gets attacked on a bus ride by a group of men who steal the pendant his mother gave him as a child. Shang must return home and face his father once more…

Shang-Chi has some of the most exciting action scenes that Marvel has had in a long time, and it’s more than just people throwing punches at each other. The movie’s skillful use of special effects, choreography and music has audiences enchanted. Additionally, the use of martial arts makes each fight scene look like a work of art itself. The smooth movements of the actors look more like a complex dance than a fight against enemies. 

Simu Liu worked very hard to prepare his body in the process of assimilating into his role. In a post on his personal Instagram page in August, Liu stated, “Part of the joy of being an actor is the process of becoming one with a character … a performer inhabits the character and gives themselves to the transformation process.” He continued, “Asian actors don’t just do Kung-Fu; but Shang-Chi does. It’s just one of the many things that flesh out his personality, but it’s easily the most challenging from a physical perspective.”  

The fictional world of Shang Chi puts a spin on that of previously-constructed Marvel storylines with its heavy inspiration from Chinese folklore and legends. It tells a story that’s brand new but also incorporates stories that have been around for centuries. Creatures such as the nine-tailed fox, phoenixes, and strange-looking horses and lions make appearances throughout the movie. This is new for Marvel because these creatures are not exclusive to the MCU; they all have their own stories and legends. Marvel takes mythical creatures that have always been there and adds a special twist to them.

The soundtrack is also extremely well done and fits each scene perfectly. Usually fast paced fight scenes are expected to have fast paced music, but Shang-Chi stands as an exception to this by approaching fight scenes with slower music and does this extremely well. There’s also some big artists on the soundtrack such as DJ Snake and NIKI. This is also another win for the film because the soundtrack features mainly Asian musicians, and is interesting enough to listen to even after viewing. 

Overall Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is truly something special. Although this is a new addition to the MCU, it keeps the classic Marvel charm with its fun characters and storyline. It is certainly a film that deserves rewatching.