Bowden’s books to read


Madeline Miller, author of “The Song of Achilles”, does an excellent job of telling a tragic story of love, war and destiny that keeps readers hooked from beginning to end. Image is free use via Wikimedia Commons.

The Song Of Achilles by Madeline Miller 

After being disowned by his royal father and exiled from his kingdom, Patroclus is sent to live in the kingdom of Phthia where he meets prince Achilles, a young man prophesied to be the “best of the Greeks.” The two form a deep bond over the course of their childhood and when Achilles is called to go to war against the Trojans, Patroclus decides to follow him to the battlefield out of concern and love for his friend. 

Any fan of Greek mythology would definitely love The Song Of Achilles.

Madeline Miller does an excellent job of telling a tragic story of love, war and destiny that keeps readers hooked from beginning to end. 


Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer

A mysterious terrain in the US known as “Area X” is ecologically devastated and surrounded by a strange border that continues to grow. The government has sent 11 different expeditions into Area X to try and learn more about it. Annihilation follows a biologist who is a member of the 12th expedition. As she progresses through Area X she is met with more questions than answers and not everyone is who they seem. 

Annihilation is great for fans of mystery and science. It does a wonderful job getting into the brain of the main character as she explores a word both dangerous and beautiful. Annihilation is the first book in the Southern Reach trilogy and it definitely leaves readers wanting to find out what happens next. 


Death In Her Hands by Ottessa Moshfegh 

While on a walk in the woods near her home, an old widow named Vesta Gul finds a handwritten note left on the path. The note says “Her name was Magda, nobody will ever know who killed her. It wasn’t me. Here is her dead body.” Despite searching the forest, Vesta finds no sign of a dead body besides the strange note. So Vesta decides to take the mystery into her own hands and find out what really happened to Magda and who killed her. 

No author can get you into a character’s head quite like Ottessa Moshfegh. Death In Her Hands will stick readers directly in the  mind of Vesta Gul. Her obsessions will become your obsessions and it’ll be hard to put this book down until the mystery is solved… if it ever will be.