AAPS announces early release due to inclement weather

Ann Arbor Public Schools announced that there would be a staggered release this afternoon, with students leaving at 2:45 due to inclement weather. Due to this early release, the seventh hour has been canceled.

“Please remind students to be careful and stay safe on the roads … they are bad,” said Principal Tracey Lowder in an email to staff. 

The district has canceled all after school activities that occur after 5:30, at which time the building will completely close. 

Principal Kevin Hudson says that the district canceled seventh hour despite concerns that it would cause more students to leave at the same time, in order to prevent seventh hour students from leaving later if the weather worsens. 

Although all school activities have been canceled, varsity teams have been allowed to hold their practices. 

“I think it is delusional that AAPS is concerned about the safety of all students except for varsity athletes,” said Alex Farmer, a Pioneer senior and varsity swimmer. “If it is dangerous for most students to drive home past 3 p.m., then it’s dangerous for varsity athletes to drive home past 3 p.m. At the end of the day, student safety should always have priority over athletics. Clearly, this has not been demonstrated by AAPS this afternoon.”