Swift cancels Wednesday’s in-person learning due to incoming snow storm

Superintendent Jeanice Swift announced Tuesday afternoon that in-person schooling will be canceled Wednesday, Feb. 2, due to an incoming snow storm, and students will log on to their computers for virtual learning.

According to the National Weather Service, the Ann Arbor area may get up to eight inches of snow Wednesday into Thursday.

“On Wednesday, students are expected to attend classes remotely according to established daily schedules, and attendance will be taken,” Swift said in an email to the school community.

If weather issues like power and internet outages significantly prevent student attendance, the district may transition into a full inclement weather closure day. That announcement would also be made through the School Messenger program for families and staff, and local media.

If snowfall amounts require more remote days, they will be announced tomorrow, said Pioneer Principal Tracey Lowder.

According to Lowder, Wednesday will remain a club lunch schedule, as will any subsequent virtual learning days.

“We will continue to follow the Club Day lunch schedule for the remainder of the time we are remote in hopes of not confusing students and parents with schedule changes,” Lowder said.