Pioneer women’s track athletes set two national records


Track athletes Sarah Forsyth, Cookie Baugh, Emily Cooper, and Rachel Forsythe broke two national records in one weekend at the New Balance Nationals Indoor 2022. From left to right: Emily Cooper, Sarah Forsyth, Rachel Forsyth, Cookie Baugh

Seniors Sarah Forsyth and Cookie Baugh, junior Emily Cooper, and sophomore Rachel Forsyth from Pioneer High School, running under the name Purple Track Club, broke two new national high school track records. 

These records took place this past weekend at the New Balance Nationals Indoor 2022 at the Armory in New York City. 

“These girls have been running so well all year,” said Pioneer women’s track coach Nancy Boudreau. “They are very close with each other, and I think they feed off of each other. When one girl runs fast, it gives the other inspiration to also run fast.” 

The records broken were in the Distance Medley Relay (previous record 11:34.50, new record 11:32.68 set by Purple Track Club) and the 4×800 relay (previous record 8:53.67, new record 8:51.93 set by Purple Track Club). 

Earlier this season, the four girls ran the Distance Medley Relay in 11:21.95 on a 300m track. However, it didn’t count as records can only be officially set on a track that is 200m or smaller. 

“I am just honored to be able to work with such talented and dedicated girls,” said Boudreau. 


Purple Track Club also ran the 4×1 Mile relay at the Armory, finishing third.