People of Pioneer: Ariana Anderson


Ariana Anderson

“I have a job at Pioneer because my dad is Mr. Lowder, and they happened to need a Community Assistant. I fit that job pretty well. I taught a school for shoe shine boys in the Dominican Republic before, and that was an amazing, informative, and eye opening experience. I taught them about basic hygiene – how to save money, get a clean shower, and so on. The students here seem a little less grateful for their opportunities, and they’re more goal oriented; there’s a lot of things they want to achieve. The world is full of people that seem eager to learn, though, especially those who are struggling to get by. It’s so different being with people who have money vs. people who don’t. I also went to Italy for a few years to do some teaching. There it was really weird because they drive on the wrong side of the road. The best pizza in the world is in Italy though, as well as gelato. These international experiences really gave me a new perspective on the world. I’m not going to forget them.”