People of Pioneer: Lael Onifade

“Hard work and perseverance will get you far in life. I’ve learned that from playing football all four years at Pioneer. After this year, I’m going to continue my playing career at Notre Dame College in Ohio. At Pioneer I also do Comedy Troupe, which is a really cool experience. Once during my sophomore year, one of my basketball coaches encouraged me to do a play for Pioneer Theatre Guild. He said that it was fun and I could learn to do things outside of my comfort zone. The first play I was involved in here was ‘Prospect High.’ There was a lot of improv in Comedy Troupe; it helps me develop my public speaking skills. I hope to keep acting in college. After college, I want to go in business, which is something I’m good at. Right now I’m just trying to keep my grades up to get more of that scholarship money. I don’t have the attitude where you just chill second semester senior year, like I thought I might have after signing with my college.”