People of Pioneer: Zuri Howard

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“I didn’t want to move to move from Birmingham, [Michigan], to Ann Arbor because all of my friends were there, but my mom got remarried so I had to. I moved in the summer, so I didn’t really know anyone and had no one to hang out with. I get along with my stepdad just fine, but I often get asked about my actual dad. He played in the NBA from 2001 to 2010 on multiple teams, such as the Cavs, Lakers, Spurs, and Hawks. In fact, Lebron [James’s] daughter is named after me. One time I was in the Cavs arena and I was talking to Savannah [Lebron’s wife], who was pregnant, and she said I had a really cool name. I met a lot of pro basketball players through my dad, and I once fangirled Kevin Love; he’s my baby. I play volleyball at Pioneer. I started playing volleyball in 4th grade because I was tall for my age and didn’t do other sports. It’s fun to play and to practice. I’ve also been on a national team and I travel around the U.S., to places like Florida, Illinois, and Idaho to play. I’m starting to like Pioneer more as I’m making new friends. I want to be a surgeon when I grow up. I’ve always wanted to because I’m really intrigued by human anatomy. I could save lives doing my job.”