People of Pioneer: Patrick Partin

“I’m Patrick, and I play football here; I’ve done that for all four years, but I probably won’t play after high school. Personally, I think of myself as a hard worker, and I like the grind and getting things done. I like to be able to understand what I’m doing, and I’m usually modest about what I do, even though that’s ironic. I’m more of an introvert, kind of shy, and I don’t like to express myself, except when I’m playing basketball at the YMCA. My family is pretty quiet; my mom likes to be by herself. I mainly apply introverted characteristics to sports and school; that’s part of the reason why I’m interested in being an environmental science or entomology major in college. Entomology is the study of bugs and insects. Going outside is a big part of these majors, and I enjoy being outside very much. I like camping; sometimes I go with my family in South Dakota and Utah. My family usually goes to Black Hills Badlands, South Dakota, and looks for rocks, and sometimes Utah for hiking at Arches National Park. I don’t like to mountain bike though; I think it’s too out there.”