People of Pioneer: Te’von Riley


“I play sports such as basketball, football, and track. Sports are important to me and my family. They give me a mental break from school, so I don’t need to worry about the stress that comes with it. It takes my mind off of it. In school I take Algebra, Econ, Chem, and American Literature. My style is important to me. This includes my hair, clothes, and the music that I listen to. I dyed these tips blonde myself. It’s something I’ve seen others do, and I’m happy with the turnout because it allows me to stand out. The clothes I wear also do this. I like wearing name brands. My top three brands are Nike, Jordan, and Adidas. However, I also like wearing smaller brands such as Bape, which is why I have a Bape phone case. Music is also part of my style. Wherever I am, I always have headphones ready. Of course I listen to hip hop and rap, but on my own I listen to every genre. Wherever I go I take my style with me.”