People of Pioneer: Zofia Dudek

“My name is Zofia. I take Algebra II AC, US History, English, AP Chem, and AP Bio. I take two science AP’s because I’m really interested in science. I also participate in science olympiad outside of school. I like the logic of science a lot; you get to experiment and just explore. Along with science, I like track. Most people outside of track assume that it’s an individual sport, but I really feel the team culture. We cheer each other on during meets and even outside of track. It also is a team sport in a way because we depend on each other’s points. I started because my PE teacher thought I was pretty fast, and I turned out to be pretty good. I usually run a 5 minute mile, and that allowed me to place 3rd at states and attend indoor nationals in Manhattan, New York, at a place called the Armory. Along with being good at it, the culture of track really drew me in. The relationships that I’ve built in track extend to outside of track.”