Pioneer holds first College Decision Day assembly

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On Wednesday, May 2, Pioneer hosted its first annual College Day to celebrate seniors who are attending college, taking a gap year, entering the military, or joining an educational program next year. This event was inspired by the program College Signing Day, started by former First Lady Michelle Obama. The assembly helped excite and celebrate seniors as they prepare to take their next steps.

Students were lined up by colleges; each group of students going to a certain college went on stage together. Colleges also sent Pioneer free giveaways for the seniors. While seniors were not forced to participate, they were strongly encouraged to.

This event was organized by the Counseling Department who had heard about College Day from other schools. “The whole idea is to tell people that our kids work hard and deserved to be acknowledged,” said Pioneer counselor Colleen Creal. “It’s a way to say good job. There are ways we can improve the event for next year, but the feedback was generally positive.”  

Pioneer senior Dominique Littlefield enjoyed participating in the event. “Everyone was honored in some way, even the people who were not going to college, and that was really nice.”

Littlefield also said that the assembly helped her feel confident in her college decision choice. “I was proud of myself that I came to a decision that I was happy with,” she said.